Whiskey Bride

Wilson Daniels

You will love this upbeat, toe-tapping, fiddle-driven country tune that juxtaposes a danceable, ear pleasing melody with black humour and the angst of betrayal and a broken heart.

Whiskey Bride is an up tempo “fiddle driven” alt. Bluegrass song that juxtaposes “black humour” (in the Bluegrass tradition) against an upbeat danceable melody -it tells the age old story of a soldier returning home to find out that their love has moved on. The ear pleasing melody and fiddle-work is an interesting counterpoint to the angst of lost love and betrayal. In the end Whiskey Bride has a “life goes on” kind of vibe, that keeps your toes tapping. (Fiddle by the masterful Aaron Solomon)

Wilson Daniels is a Canadian, Singer/Songwriter from Oakville, Ontario. Whiskey Bride is Wilson’s first release as an Independent "Artist" and his second as a "Songwriter". In May 2017 Wilson Daniels and Charissa Pavlou of Burlington released their debut single “I Got My Girls” performed by Charissa, which is currently getting airplay on numerous Canadian Country Stations and garnering Internet Radio play across the globe. Wilson Daniel's music is also available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud and other cdbaby partner distribution platforms.

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