Ship of Bones © | Lyric 


Broken dreams, wet and cold
200 souls stuck in a hold
Salt and diesel burn their skin
Pulses thready - eyes are dim
a lullaby drifts through the deep
heavy seas won’t let them sleep
wandering the earth without a home
shoulder to shoulder, colder and colder  
just want their children to grow one day older
they paid the ferryman to soon                  
for their cold pale skin beneath the moon

They thought they sailed a ship of hope
now it lies in broken ribs below
how were they supposed to know

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Saltwater Soul © | Lyric 


In rusted cars with worn tires
down ancient roads born of fire
I’m chasing lonely telephone lines
and searching for your shine

We started in Ontario
in twisted trees and painted stones
on forest lawns we loved upon
under stars that race through time

I’ve got a sweetwater spirit
but you’re my saltwater soul
and until I get near it
I’ll never be home

and then we lived with your sweet mom
on that salty shore she lived upon
and the air smelled slightly different their
where the water rose and fell

in our…

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My Musings On The Muse 

Most Songwriter's and other creative types have some sort of inspiring story to share about how they woke up in a cold sweat and blindly scribbled their lyrical masterpiece on to a sticky note OR sang a few lines of a catchy melody into their iPhone as they feared it may escape their memory before morning.

The songwriter's muse is an incredibly powerful force that often leaves the creator themselves dumbfounded, wondering how words and musical notes could emerge from the depths of their REM sleep or just…

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